Etiquette Of Vaping

If you are ready to quit smoking, this article will definitely help you achieve this. Basically, smoking starts among youngsters not because they want to get addicted to tobacco, but they want to show how stylish they are mature. Several kids start smoking at a tender age due to bad friend’s circle or their parents may be a smoker. They are not that much protective or they may be facing a situation of depression. The reason may be anything, but the fact is, smoking is one of the major issues of cancer. It not only kills you, but destroys the life of your family too.

Why does it really matter?

Every one of us knows that smoking is injurious to health. But, the fact is, no one is ready to quit smoking or they just can’t. The reason for this is that their body is habituated of taking nicotine and it cannot run or maintain the daily activity if they don’t take a proper nicotine dose. Once they stop smoking, their body starts rejecting this new habit and they have no option but just to start smoking again. If you want to overcome this bad habit you should switch to vaping.

5 main Etiquette tips for Vaping

So, if you are frustrated with trying to leave the habit of smoking, but can’t, here are five etiquette tips for vaping that will help you with leaving a deadly habit.

  • Set up a smoke-free environment

Stop getting tempted towards smoking. This can only be done if you leave your smoking buddies or create some distance when they are smoking. Just stay out of the smoke of a cigarette and don’t let it in through your nose. Once you smell it, your urge will start increasing. If you are using e cig then no need to worry. The smoke of e cig is not harmful than a normal cigarette.

  • Get rid of all the smoking stuff

Leave everything, including your matchbox, lighters, cigarette butts, ashtrays, etc and just throw them out of your living space.

  • Involve yourself in some other activities

When your body is demanding you to puff a cigarette, try to divert your mind. Do stuff that will help you in stop smoking; like watching your favorite TV shows, watch movies, listen to music, join a gym or have sex. These are good frustration and anxiety buster. Just do anything whatever you like, but don’t smoke.

  • Take nicotine supplements

Nicotine gum is very useful and effective and can help you quit smoking gradually. A new device known as the electronic cigarette is far more effective than nicotine gum. When you buy electronic cigarettes, it saves you money as well as gives you the feel of real smoking.

  • Save the money in a piggy bank

The money which you spend on smoking, save it in a piggy bank and make it visible so that every time you see that, you start realizing that you are saving the money that you spoil in maintaining this deadly habit