How electronic cigs help you to quit smoking?

Smoking is a very specific addiction which is not entirely based on the substance used but on the habit of using it. When someone quits smoking in cold turkey, then it’s the habit they will be missing the most, not the actual nicotine intake. That’s precisely the reason why vaping is targeting the habit of smoking itself which makes the two of them to be remarkably similar. Today, users can get to buy e cigs which look just like real ones and you can also use them accordingly.

The process and ritual of smoking consists of five key elements which together make the habit extremely hard to beat. Let’s get to see this one-by-one, then let’s examine how vaping measures up to this:

The key elements of the ritual:

  • Holding the cigarette
  • Lighting up the cigarette
  • Inhaling and exhaling the cigarette smoke
  • Finishing the cigarette
  • Predefined amount of nicotine per cigarette

Nicotine intake:

  • Both cigarettes and vapers contain a predefined amount of nicotine (e liquids all have multiple choice of nicotine content while vapers can also be set to release a certain degree of nicotine). This can be set. In the case of vapers, there are devices where users can set the exact amount of nicotine they would like their cigarettes to contain.

The mechanism of vaping:

  • Holding ecigs can be a very similar experience, with today’s vapers.
  • Inhaling and exhaling the vapor is also a similar experience to smoking.
  • Predefined amount of nicotine for a longer term usage

As we can see vaping and smoking share three out of the five ritual elements which all have the role in smoking being so addictive. This is why vaping is the current closest habit to tobacco, and at the same time, it’s also the current healthiest substitute to smoking.

On switching addictions:

Switching addictions are topics that are subject to countless debates both among scientists and psychologists. The key reason behind the discussions is the fact, that switching an addiction with another one will terminate neither the addiction nor its underlying reasons. One needs to be aware that being an addict is not solely a bad habit, it’s often a cover used to hide serious underlying mental issues, which may include one or more chronic or personality disorders.

This is exactly why addictions are so hard to beat and treat, and this is also one of the reasons why mental health professionals first advise their patients to try to switch their current addictions to something much healthier, as the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Vaping doesn’t only give users a chance to switch habits to something healthier successfully but will also offer an easier way to quit the overall habit of smoking. Keep in mind, though, that successful switching is a process that can take several months to achieve effectively.

Thanks to today’s hi-tech scientific tools, we can vape and improve further and become a healthier choice for those who decide to quit smoking with help of vaping.